253 Words Short Essay on Our School Peon

Mr. Santosh Chand is our school peon. He is a middle-aged man. He is a model of simplicity and obedience and self-effacement. He gets up early in the morning and starts working. He does whatever he can for the school.

He lives in the quarters allotted to him by the school authorities. These quarters lie in a corner of the school campus. The quarters comprise a thatched hut, a bathroom and a toilet. He lives in this one-room hut with the other members of his family. His family comprises his wife and two school going children. His children are given free education in the school.

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He grows some vegetables for himself and his family in the vacant plot near his hut. He is very conscious of his duties. He has been serving the school for about one decade. He is only a matriculate. Had he been a graduate, he might have got the post of a clerk.

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He rings the school bell regularly after every period. He carries notices to the classes. He brings tea and eatables for the teaching staff from the canteen. He cleans the chairs, benches and desks with a duster.

Sometimes, his duty shifts from the office to the cycle shed, hall, staff-room, stadium, gymnasium, etc. He does his duty wholeheartedly wherever he is appointed. Sometimes, he is sent to the tour on some official work. He never shirks his responsibility. It is a pity that he draws a very small salary. His salary and perks must be increased.


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