How to Write a Circular Letter to the Staff Members for Ensuring Punctuality?

This has been noticed off late that the Staff members have made it a habit to arrive late to the office. While the office is scheduled to start at ____________ (Time), it is generally by ____________ (Time) that the staff walks in. Thereafter they stand and gossip at the reception and take another half-an-hour to settle down to work.

With growing incidences of indiscipline and loss of official time; it has been decided to enforce the office timings strictly. All staff members are required to report sharp at ____________ (Time) and duly sign the attendance register. If however, any person comes to the office after ____________ (Time) he/she shall get a red mark and on 3 red marks, one day’s salary shall be deducted.

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This is to ensure that all staff members are punctual and are at their seats in time. It is to be circulated and duly signed by all concerned. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Sample Sentences

1. It has been noticed that the employees are not punctual of the office tunings.

2. Increasing late arrivals by our staff has been taken seriously by the Management.


3. It has been realised that, workers report late for their duty.

4. The Management has observed that off-late, the employees arrive late to work.

Thereafter mention the observations and insist upon timing

5. Since our timings ____________ (Time) to ____________ (Time), none is observing this schedule.

6. The employees have ample excuses for their delayed arrivals.


7. There is a general lack of discipline.

Thereafter insist upon punctuality

8. All are advised to report for duty on time failing which disciplinary action would be taken against the offender.

9. It is announced to all to be functional thereafter.

10. Obey the schedule of office


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