Why Culture is Important to Me?

Culture teaches us how to live in society using guidelines shared by group of people lives in that society or particular area particularly for example people lives in Africa they usually lives in villages and known by different tribes and each tribe have their own cultural values and tradition.

Culture is extremely important. Up to the age 12, I lived my life in village in a joint family where only my parents were educated and my parents sent me to the private school but my other cousins studied in public schools which were government aided where the education structure was not good.

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But my parents always tried to teach us how to maintain the good family relation with other family members where we learned how to respect others doesn’t matter what, how they stand in education wise, financially etc. Also with neighbors too but living in a village my parents never let us go outside the house without assistance so that we shouldn’t engage in other activates as we are farmers still our parents wants us to go for studies instead of farming.

Then we move to city at age of 13, we all my neighbors were educated and their kids have different living lifestyle which made me nervous in the beginning and schooling were different too. I was what’s going on and discussed with my parents But As we know as Indian/Asian parents usually kids don’t have choice. My parents told me and my brother, “No, If you guys want to be a successful citizens ,you guys have to stay here, Period”.

So finally took a almost 6 to 8 months to settle down and took me awhile to learn how city kids are talking, playing, and how they do get-together at their friends home and all those factors and my parents never hold us as we were in village and let us go their homes.

Where we learned Cultural differences may become sometimes problematic.

Then after high school, I transferred to college out of my home city where i have to face totally a different education system which was based on grading system like here in US but a bit difficult and have to stay in dorms in college where i have to live with students from different regions, cultures, religions. and on top of different educations system. But this time it a little bit less difficult as from the last transition as we moved from village to city mainly for higher education.

After 2 years in college in India, I got married and moved to United States in 2007. Totally different scenario as we as were in India totally dependent on Parents doesn’t matter what like financially, as they pay for our whole education from kindergarten to college level as Govt in India doesn’t support and on top of no loans available from private companies.

Now I want to continue education but doesn’t know where to start as from totally dependent on parents and now totally own your own. Living in a society with different culture peoples. and the way the speak English is bit different. But learning slowly and slowly and start taking classes. finally deciding to go to LVN program through private school and took private loan and as i learned here after engaging with peoples that how to go to school by managing family on the side too. Finally finished school and it was whole different scenario going to school here and as the way of teaching here is totally different bit a practically as compared to in India where it is too theoretical and to strict.

Now when My parents visit me and they see how the i am managing family, school, kids, mortgage, they feel i am i too much stress but on the other hand i feel it like a normal way of living in America.

Finally , Culture is basically people’s way of life or way of doing certain tasks, or way of thinking.


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