Evaluation of Sales Force Management in a Pharmaceutical Company

It is true that Evaluation of sales force management is widely considered as a strategic element in effective human resource management in pharmaceutical marketing.

It has seen that pharmaceutical Companies has always given a top priority for Maharashtra region. The number of Management trainee/ marketing executive and district managers in Maharashtra is 350 that is comparatively half all India field staff that is reason for strong presence and continuous growth in the market. Also as per survey, average P.C.P.M (Per Capita Per Month sale) of the pharmaceutical industry is maintained around Rs. 2.75 laks and with Cipla P.C.P.M is average Rs. 4 laks per months that is far better than the expecta­tion, which is a result of good human resource planning.

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Rapid Staff Turnover:

As per industry data Pharmaceutical Companies ranked at top posi­tion for rapid staff turnover. This policy has two way effect, at one end the company get young, dynamic and energetic staff that can mould as per company objectives, and on the other hand it increases excessive financial burden of training of recruiting new staff, dis­turbs the sale of the respective territory.

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It is also true that loss of manpower due to internal brain drain as insufficient salary pack­age is a another reasons told by the respondents. That is further reinforced by the fact that 72 percent of respondents told the reason behind choosing this field as salary package / remuneration and few insists on future prospect and emotional attachment towards this field.

Besides this, 82 percent of respondents are working for Indian pharmaceutical com­pany and rest for multinational company. The reason emerged is that good work culture is maintained in Indian pharmaceutical companies voted by 60 percent of respondent against very attractive salary package and future prospect for multinational company. The follow­ing table further elaborates this,


Priority Factors of Medical Representative before Joining any Company:

1Attractive package
2Company banner
3Growth opportunity
4Home town
5Product specialty range

After thorough statistical analysis of above table, it has been concluded that attractive salary package is the prime motive behind joining any company.


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