Sample Letter of Appointment for the Post of Computer Operator and Programmer

(Bank Name)

Re: Your interview on ____________ (Date)

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We have pleasure in informing you that you have been appointed on a year’s probation to the post of computer operator and programmer with us with effect from the date you join us. Please report for duty to us as soon as possible and in no case later than____________ (Date)


Your starting basic salary will be ____________ (Amount) plus all other allowances applicable to our permanent employees.

All other terms and conditions were made known to you at the time of your interview. You will have to sign a bond form for remaining in our service for at least five years after you complete your probation period successfully.

If you fail to report for duty within the period mentioned above, it will be deemed that you are not interested in our job and the offer will be passed on to some other applicant.

Please also note that the appointment during the probation period will be subject to termination on fourteen days notice on either side or salary in lieu thereof. The conditions of service of the same category of staff will be applicable to you.



Branch Manager


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