Solicited Enquiry Letter (In response to an advertisement) – Sample

(Company Name)

(Company Name)

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Dear Sir,


We have come across your advertisement in ____________ (Newspaper Name) of ____________ (Date) describing variety of furniture manufactured by you. Our firm is a leading and established dealer in different types of ____________ (Item Name). We are successfully serving the area for the last ten years with satisfaction to our consumers. At present, we have a big order of furnishing a corporation’s office about ____________ sq. feet area. We require various items including chairs, tables, desks, cabinets, racks, etc.

The advertisement, however, is too brief to give much information about the products. We would, therefore, want more details. Please send catalogues, price lists and an offer quoting your lowest price and best terms. We shall be making payments in cash.

We look forward to receive an early reply from you. We expect favourable terms so as to enable us to place order without delay.

Yours faithfully,


(Proprietor Name)
(Company Name)


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