Free Essay on Your School Library

Every school must have a library. A library is a place where books on different subjects are kept. The school library is meant for the use of students and teachers.

Our school has a good library. It is housed in a big hall. There is a separate and spacious reading room attached to it.

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The books are kept in many big wooden almirahs. Our librarian manages the library. He arranges books.


The almirahs have glass panes. Besides text books we have books on travels, biographies, history, geography, science etc.

There is a special magazine section. All books are arranged subject wise. Each almirah has a catalogue. One almirah has books on teach­ing and reference books. They are only for teachers.

There is a class library system in our school. The students do not get books directly from the librarian.

Once a month class teacher goes to library. He selects four or five sets of books for his class students.

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The sets are well graded. The teacher finds no difficulty in the selection of books. The teacher issues the books once a week to the students in the class library period.

The students are expected to read these books during the week. They return them in the following week. Nobody is allowed to keep a book for more than two weeks.

Reading room is full of tables and chairs. The newspapers, maga­zines and periodicals are placed on the big tables for the use of the students. The walls of the room are decorated with good mottos and paintings.


The school library is a good way to give general knowledge to the students. Students beget studious habits.

It creates a taste of good books after school life. Biographies form character of the students. The library creates love for books among the weak boys. It gives chance to make best use of the leisure time. It gives us day-to-day news of the world.

In fact I am proud of my school library. I have learnt punctuality, regularity, habit of hardworking and moral teachings from books. It has created love in me for books.


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