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Free sample essay on Our School. I read in Bai Bharati Model School. It is situated on Mathura Road. It is at a distance of three kilometers from my house. The natural surroundings and calm atmosphere add to the grandeur of our school.

The building of our school is highly palatial. It is made of red stones and bricks. It extends in a vast area. There are 42 rooms in our school. There are three wings in the school building—each one concerned with primary, middle and high school. Each wing has its individual playground, parks, libraries, staff room and canteen. But the assembly ground is common for all the wings. Our school has a well-equipped laboratory and computer room. For the junior classes there are separate computer rooms. Children are taught the basic of the computer there. We do experiments in laboratory. During leisure we study in library.

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The classrooms in our school are very spacious and airy. They have proper ventilation. The school has a beautiful playground. It is well maintained. Besides playgrounds, there are tennis courts also. There is a swimming pool and cafeteria in our school. The school library has a large number of books on a variety of subjects. There are journals and magazines also. We go to library in our leisure period and read different books. These books help in our personality development. They increase our vision, intelligence and common sense.

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Every class is divided into four sections. There are sixty students in each section. In total there are 2500 students in our school. The school has a staff of 100 members. The staff members are well-qualified, well-trained, efficient and dedicated. They are very sincere to their profession. They work hard with their students. They are always ready to attend the queries of their students. Mr Dinesh Singh is our Principal. He is a reputed educationist. He is very disciplined and punctual. He is always active and aware to maintain the high standard of our school. The school office is managed by one clerk and one cashier. There are two gardeners in our school. They are hardworking.

Our school is making progress in all fields. The school has a consistent record of 95 per cent results in the Board examination. It has earned a good name in the field of academics. In extra-curricular activities, our school’s performance has been good. Our school won the state level quiz competition. Whether, it is debate, discussion, sports or games, our students have been front-runners. Our school has won many trophies, shields and medals in various fields of activities.

Our school is considered one of the best schools in Delhi. It enjoys good reputation. We feel proud to be the students of this school.


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