Essay on School Inspector visit to Our School

Our Principal sent an order to the classes that the Inspector of Schools would pay a visit on 15th of December. The teachers and the students became serious.

Great preparations were started few days before the day of in­spection. The broken panes were removed.

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The school building was white-washed and furniture was painted. The compound was cleaned of bits of paper.


The carpenter repaired the broken furniture. The draw­ing teachers prepared pictures, maps, diagrams and charts for draw­ing room, history room and geography room.

On the day of inspection we were in our best of clothes. The teach­ers were in their best suits. At 10 a.m. the Inspector and his staff arrived in the car. The Principal gave them a warm reception.

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With the Principal the Inspector took round of the whole building. He inspected each class. He put questions regarding the school to some boys. He checked whether the teachers made use of the blackboards. His clerks checked the accounts of the school.


After the inspection of the classrooms the Inspector visited the li­brary. He was much pleased to find a good number of books, a good reading room and sufficient number of newspapers and periodicals.

Then he went to the dispensary where he saw the doctor dressing the wounds of a boy. He was much pleased with the Director .of Hobby Section.

The Director told the inspector that he had taught the boys the habit of making best use of their leisure time.

At 2 p.m. the boys and the teachers gathered in the playground. The physical instructor gave a demonstration of mass drill.


After half an hour all the boys took seats on the carpets. The scouts showed their feats. The inspector was much pleased to see these feats. He gave a ten rupee note to a scout.

The inspection was closed with the Inspector’s speech. He praised the boys and the staff. He showered praises on the Principal for his sincere efforts to keep discipline at the school.

In the end he gave a few suggestions for the improvement of school. After taking tea he went away. In the honour of his visit we had a holiday.


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