Write a Short Essay on Teacher’s Day

The birthday of well known thinker and an eminent philosopher of the world Dr S. Radhakrishnan, 5th September, is celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

He was a teacher of great reputation before he became the President of India. So his birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day throughout the country. As the teachers are the builders of nation they are given the rich tribute on this day.

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Generally Teacher’s Day is celebrated in a simple-way. In certain institutions, teachers are relieved of their work of teaching and stu­dents of the senior classes attend the classes and teach the junior students.

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The Principal is also relieved of his burden today. The head boy of the school is officiating Principal on this day. Teachers pass their time in other activities.

Some institutions celebrate this day with great pomp and show. Parent teachers association arranges the function to honour the teach­ers of their institution. Some senior educationist is invited to preside over the function.

A big portrait of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan is placed on the dias. It is garlanded by the president as a tribute to an educationist of high rank as he was.


Students then present a variety programme for the amusement of their teachers. Parents make speeches about the role of teachers in enhancing the prestige of the nation. Many adjec­tives are used in their honour.

After this Principal thanks the guests for their love towards teachers. He assures on behalf of teachers that they would continue to serve in a useful way to build the future of India and the students, and will work for the honour of their noble cause of teaching.

It is really sad to note that teachers are hot held in high esteem by the society. Modernization of society is the main reason for all the ills of society. Students have forgotten to respect their elders and teachers who don’t want to teach.


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