512 Words Free Sample Essay on an Ideal Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession. In India, teachers have always been in high esteem. In ancient times, they were regarded as next to God. In if they are the pillars of the nation. They teach young students who are citizens of tomorrow. By their sincere efforts, the ideal teachers can proud nation of educated and disciplined people.

According to Plato, a teacher is the doctor of the mind. By impact knowledge, a teacher removes ignorance from the minds of students. And teacher is therefore, always ready to impart knowledge to his students, and never shirks his duty. He regards it as a noble mission of his life.

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An ideal teacher is a learned person. Since he knows the art of teaching, is able to transfer his knowledge to his students. He prepares his lessons we before taking a class. He keeps on enlarging the frontiers of his knowledge reading the latest books on the subject. His craving for knowledge is never ending.

An ideal teacher is conscious of the difficulties of his students he his best to remove these difficulties. If he finds that a student is weak in studies, he does not reprimand him. On the contrary, he helps him. If a stub is intelligent, he encourages him to acquire more knowledge and improve standard. He does not exercise any discrimination among his students on the basis of caste, colour or creed. He bestows equal attention on all the stud- whether they belong to affluent or poor families.

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An ideal teacher develops a personal rapport with his students. He tries’ understand the difficulties faced by the students. If a student is very poor,’ helps him in getting a fee concession. If a student develops any bad habit li smoking, drinking, or drug addiction, gambling or theft, he persuades him give it up lest he should lose his health or end up in jail. He is thus the frien philosopher and guide of his students.

Unless a teacher practises in his life what he preaches, students will never take him seriously. Therefore, an ideal teacher possesses an unblemished mod character. He works hard so that his students may also work hard in their lit- He is an embodiment of the principle of truth, honesty and discipline.


An ideal teacher believes in the Gandhian principle of “simple living ani high thinking”. He wears simple dresses. He has clean habits. He is unassumin. He is polite. He never shirks his responsibilities. He moulds his students to his way of life. He tries to make them better citizens. He inspires them to be loyal to their country. He exhorts them that, if need be, they should not hestitate to lay down their lives to safeguard the independence of their country.

Nearly 35 per cent of the people in our country are illiterate. They suffer from ignorance, superstition, communalism, casteism and many other social evils. An ideal teacher tries to remove these evils by teaching to his students the virtues of truth, knowledge and righteous path. Therefore, an ideal teacher is an asset to his country.


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