263 words essay on My Last Day at School

263 words essay on My Last Day at School. The 3rd March 1990, was my last day at school. I was happy and sad—happy at the prospect of joining a college and sad at the thought of leaving my school where I had spent seven years of my life.

I reached the school as usual at 9.15 a.m. I had with me only one book, which I had borrowed from the library. All the 10th class students came to school without their satchels. There was no teaching on that day. I went to the library and returned the book. Then I got a ‘No Dues Slip’ signed by the librarian and teachers. I handed it over to the clerk and received my Roll Number slip. I could not solve some problems in Geometry so I went to the Mathematics teacher and got my difficulties solved. I also met my friends. Some of them talked of the coming examination while others talked of their future career. A farewell party was arranged at 5 p.m. The students of the 11th class played the host. The programme consisted of a short variety show and a few speeches. Some students of 11th class sang a humorous ‘quawali’ describing their teachers and their stay in the school. Our principal gave a brief speech assuring that our memory will remain in the nooks and corners of the school forever. The principal inspired the outgoing students to work hard for success and to be noble citizens of India in future. When the function was over, I shook hands with my friends, respectfully bade my teacher’s good-bye and returned home.

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