What are the Different Types of School Time-Table? Explained

There are seven broad types of a time-table:

(a) The Consolidated Time-table:

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It is a combined time-table of all the classes in a school. A copy of it should be kept in the principal’s office as well as staff-room.

(b) Class-Wise Time-table:

A copy of this should be kept in the concerned class, while the second and third copies should be with the class teacher and the- principal’s office. In some schools, class-wise time-table is put up on a beard near the main notice board also where it can be seen by everyone.

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(c) Teacher-Wise Time-table:

This is useful for teachers as it indicates where he/she will be going and to teach which subject. Each teacher should be given a copy of his/her time-table. A consolidated version of all the teachers’ time-table should be available in the staff-room as well as the principal’s office. Teachers’ time-tables should also indicate a schedule of their non-academic duties.

(d) Teachers’ Free-period Time-table:

A copy of this should be with the principal so that he/she can use this to arrange for a proxy/substitution when one of the teachers is absent.

(e) Games Time-table:

This indicates the games which each class will be involved with at a particular time. This time-table provides for better utilization of the school play-ground and games or sports equipment.

(f) Co-curricular Activities Time-table:

It shows various activities undertaken by each class at a specified time, the name of the teacher-in-change and the venue. This avoids duplication of efforts and wastage of tin e and energy. It helps students to select appropriate activities of their choice,

(g) Hone-work Time-table:

This indicates the amount of time students will devote on each subject every week. These days, this type of time table has become more important because with already heavy syllabi and uncoordinated manner of giving home work students have become over-burdened inducing stress and anxiety in them.


This time-table will also ensure equal attention to home-work in all the subjects. It also helps parents to know what home-work has been assigned. A copy of it should be given to each teacher and each parent.

Besides, reference should be made in a time-table about a system of organization of teaching such as the Dalton plan or other similar methods of individual work demanding subject teachers.

In such a system, the teacher is present in his her room and students of any class for which the arrangement is in force may come to his/her room at any time. Periods are done away with on such a day or a part of the day when this system is used and a student may stay in one room at work on one subject as long as he/she likes-


Generally a minimum time for work for one subject is set. However, students are free to go from one subject another as they wish to and there is no set length of time of different subjects as in the ordinary time-table. Students are free to make their own time-table in accordance with their needs and interests. If the entire school is following this plan, making a time-table is a simple matter. However, if only part of the school follows this plan- formulating a time-table is very difficult.

In reality, making a time-table is not an easy task nor can it be done in a hurry. Many of the principles of time-table making are difficult to follow due to constraints such as lack of adequate number of teachers, mismatch between teachers’ qualifications and the demands of the subjects, local circumstances and so on.

However, as far as possible, we should observe these principles and attempt to do our best in the face of constraints and adversity.


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