How to Write Invitation Letters for the Inauguration of a New Business Venture?

The occasion has to be announced for invitation

1. We announce with great pleasure, the opening of a Company Depot by us.

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2. You would be glad to know that I have completed my B. Pharma with distinction. I have decided to open my own shop.


3. I feel delighted to inform you that the inauguration of our new Nursing Home is on this ____________ (Days) itself i.e. ____________ (Date).

4. You would be pleased to know that I am starting my own Architectural Consultancy firm on ____________ (Date).

5. We are delighted to announce the opening of our company showroom in Regal Building, Connaught ____________ (Place Name).

6. It is my pleasure to invite you to the launching of our new restaurant at Friends Colony.


7. You are invited to the inaugural ceremony of____________.

8. We have installed a new, technologically advanced sound system and screen in our Cinema Hall and also renovated it. You are invited to its opening show.

Invitation is made in the following manner

9. May we have the pleasure of your presence on this gracious occasion!

10. You are cordially invited to attend the ceremony.


11. We feel honoured to solicit your presence at the inauguration.

12. We seek your good wishes on the occasion.

13. You are requested to grace the occasion by your benign presence.

14. I am sure you will shower your blessings and good wishes on the happy occasion.

15. Please be present. We shall feel honored and encouraged.

Give details of the date, time and place

16. The opening will take place at ____________ (Time). On ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Place Name).

17. The Showroom is located at ____________ (Place Name).

18. The inauguration is at ‘Moksha’, Ground Floor, ____________ (Place Name) at ____________ (Time). Sharp on ____________ (Date).

19. We have scheduled the inaugural ceremony at__________ (Time). On ____________ (Date) at our new office premises____________ (Address).

The cordial note of close (repeat the invitation)

20. We solicit your participation.

21. Hoping for your encouraging support on this occasion and also in the future.

22. We are desirous of your blessings and patronage.

23. Once again we request your presence.

24. Your enthusiasm and wit will add a special charm to the occasion, (personal)

25. The presence of a celebrity like you will lend the occasion a genuine sparkle.

26. We are committed to serve you better. So kindly mark the occasion with your blessings.

Replies to Invitation

In most of the invitations you would find R.S.V.P. written. It is plait which is French for reply will you please. People hardly understand or follow this social duty. Whatever the reply is acceptance or denial of the Invitation it should be duly conveyed.

All sorts of invitations have been dealt with. It is a call of courtesy to always reply to invitation. If you are unable to accept the invitation, you express regret for your absence stating the reason.

Many a time, there also arise such circumstances in life when due to some unfortunate circumstances, one has to postpone or cancel the event for which invitations have already been sent out. All these three responses have been dealt with below:

Acknowledgement/Acceptance of the Invitation

For an Acknowledgement or Acceptance of the Invitation, your reply should be firm and clear without any element of doubt. Such vague remarks like: I will try to come.

I will come if no important meeting crops up. I will be there if I am in town, are an absolute taboo and should be avoided. Acceptance for any invitation would be in the same form and tone. Given below are model sentences that would help you draft a reply for any type of invitation.


Dear (Name),

We take great pleasure to inform you that my/our concern ____________ (Company Name) has been appointed the sole Distributers for ____________ (Place Name) zone by Lit well Luminaries.

To inaugurate our new venture, a function is being held on____________ (Date). The inaugural ceremony would be presided over by eminent dignitaries. You are also requested to grace the occasion at the following address:

(Company Name)

Please make sure to be present in time.

With Best Regards.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)


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