How to Write a Letter to Get Dealership? – Explained!

(Company Name)

(Company Name)

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Dear Sir,


With further reference to your advertisement of today, we have pleasure in asking for a dealership for ____________ (Place Name).

We are pleased to submit the following details for your information and consideration:

Image Source:

(1) We have an excellent showroom measuring ____________ (Size) and is situated in the heart of ____________ (Place Name).


(2) We can guarantee sale of ____________ (No. of Radios) Radios, ____________ (No. of transistors) transistors, ____________ (No. of TV sets) TV sets, every month.

(3) We can deposit a sum of ____________ (Amount) as advance.

(4) Our Bankers are:

____________ (Bank Name), (Address)


(5) We would expect an additional discount of ____________ % than advertised by you for meeting our expenses.

(6) All consignments supplied by you will be on ____________ (No. of days) days credit.

(7) You will not appoint any other agent in the area without our prior permission and that the dealership can be terminated by either party by giving a written notice of ____________ months. We shall be glad to hear you further in the matter.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
(Company Name)


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