Invitation Letter for the Birthday Celebration of Four Year Old Son


Dear (Name),

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____________ (Name) will be four years old this ____________ (Date) and I am having a little birthday party for him.


I know he won’t be happy unless ____________ (Name), his best mate, is at the party; so I hope you will send him.

If you bring ____________ about ____________ (Time). he will be just in time for the fun. I would also like you to stay and have tea with other ladies. But in any case I will have him safely escorted to your doorstep by no later than ____________ (Time).

With best compliments,



(Your Name)

Sample Sentences to Start

1. We are glad to announce that we are celebrating our son ____________ (Name) birthday on ____________ (Date).

2. By the grace of Almighty, my daughter, will be ____________ (Years) old on.

3. We are delighted to request you to come to the birthday of on.


4. The pitter-patter of my young toddler’s feet has now taken proper stride and my son/daughter is three year old.

5. It is gratifying that our ____________ (Name) is stepping into her tenth year.

6. ____________ (Next Days) is my birthday. I will be.

Lines for Invitation

7. You are cordially invited.

8. On this happy occasion, may I invite you to join the birthday party at my residence?

9. Be at my birthday bash at ____________ (Time). at my house.

10. I am sure you would be present on this happy occasion.

11. We are hosting the birthday party at ____________ (Place Name). We will be glad if you come.

12. We invite you to.

Request for Acceptance

13. Hope you will be a part of the captivating moments of my son/daughter/etc.

14. Please make it a point to be present in the party.

15. Do surely join us in our celebrations.

16. Make it convenient to attend the party.

17. I know it is not in your nature to disappoint your friends on such happy occasions.

18. Your presence will add to my happiness so I won’t take your ‘no’ come what may.

19. Do make it a point to be in town on the gala day.

20. Your presence is special to all of us.

21. Remember to bring your family too.

22. Your presence would add that extra zest into the occasion.

Be Grateful at the Close

23. Hoping to see you shortly.

24. It will be my privilege to receive you.

25. I shall be thankful if you could spare the time to be present here.

26. I shall be obliged by your benign/graceful presence.


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