How to Write an Acceptance Letter for Dinner Invitation?

Dear (Name),

Our family would be delighted to dine with you on ____________ (Date). How nice of you to ask us! We shall be there by ____________ (Time). ie. Right in time.

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We are both looking forward with great pleasure to seeing you all again.


Yours, Very sincerely
(Your Name)

Starting Lines

1. I accept your invitation with pleasure.

2. May I first of all congratulate you on your success/new enterprise/engagement etc. I shall be delighted to attend.

3. We are gratified to receive your invitation for tea/dinner/ birthday /mundan/ house- warming/ engagement ceremony.


4. We gratefully acknowledge your invitation.

5. My wife and I are glad to receive your cordial invitation.

6. Your wonderful news has given me great pleasure. I can do anything to make you happy.

7. I found immense happiness by the invitation. Such gleeful occasions in life do call for celebration.


8. Delighted by the joyous tidings that your invitation has offered.

9. I accept your invitation with pleasure and gratitude.

10. I would be happy to attend.

Convey your joy/happiness at the celebration

11. I would not miss your engagement/marriage for anything.

12. Nothing would give us more pleasure than joining you in your moments of happiness.

13. Such ecstatic occasions bring us all together.

14. May I convey my blessings to the would-be bride/groom?

15. I congratulate you on your achievements and pray to God to bless you with success and prosperity in your life.

16. May the life of your little one be filled with health, happiness and good fortune?

17. May God shower many such moments of joy and celebration in your life?

18. I am anxiously looking forward to join you during the vacations.

19. How can I/we miss the engagement of such a dear friend like you?

20. May you be inspired to achieve still greater rewards/ heights?

21. I extend all my good wishes on the happy occasion and pray that fragrance and sunshine of a million flowers be bestowed upon you.

22. Accept my compliments and good wishes on the joyous occasion.

23. It shall be my privilege and pleasure to attend.

Reiterate your acceptance and your joy

24. I would be much the merrier when we meet again.

25. My very best wishes to you and thanks for thinking of me.

26. We know how delightful such evenings usually are at your house.

27. I would never like to disappoint you.

28. I am looking forward to the wonderful vacations with you.

29. I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you.

30. I look forward to the occasion with eagerness.


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