Essay on "Can Computer Replace Teachers"

Computers today can be defined as a technological discovery which has amazed the world as a whole by minimizing the whole planet and its information within itself.

Students today can find all their study materials and the answer to all their queries online. It is today estimated that a day will come when computers will abolish the teachers and the teaching system as a whole.

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So the big question is can computers really replace teachers. After giving it a strict thought, the answer is no. Yes it is true that all the study material is available online and that too properly explained. But the fact remains a computer is just an electronic machine devoid of any emotions while a teacher is a human being and has emotions.

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When a teacher teaches a student, there is a mutual involvement on both sides whereas when a child learns from a computer there is an involvement from the side of the student only. When we ask the solution to a problem, the computer has fixed set of a few answers and it cannot answer anything beyond that particular solution. If you ask any further questions, you will get only one reply “request not found”.

Whereas when an individual asks a teacher any question she can answer it easily. Apart from the mutual involvement factor, when an individual learns anything from a teacher he or she has no other option but to understand the topic fully because when the teacher asks a question, no excuses can be made.

On the other hand, if an individual learns from a computer, there will be no obligation upon him or her to understand the subject matter seriously. That individual will leave the learning for the future and that future will never arrive. We all are aware of the fact that until and unless we are given a deadline to complete a task we seldom try to complete it. A very few individuals are there who can do their work without being obliged to do so. There is actually an emotional bonding between a teacher and a student and there are some students who need special care and attention. Not all students can be taught easily.


If computers can replace teachers then a day might also come when an individual will not even require his or her family; after all such tasks can be performed by machines also. There are some things in life which cannot be replaced with other things. The most important among these are emotions of love, care and affection.

However technologically advanced we become; there are some things in life that cannot be replaced. A teacher’s way of teaching can never be replaced by computers but online teaching can become successful with every passing day.


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