238 Words Short Essay on If I Were the Principal of My School

I’m a brilliant and hard-working student. I’m sure I’ll rise in life. I’m fond of the teaching profession. I want to become a teacher as I grow up. So, in all probability, I can become the Principal of a school in times to come.

At present, I only want to give vent to my imagination. Hence, if I were Principal of my school, I’d bring about some drastic changes in the school set-up in several ways. First of all, I’d arrange for grants from the government and donations from the philanthropists of the area as no work worthwhile is possible without the availability of adequate funds.

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I’d beautify and modify the school building so as to make it more attractive and useful. I’d improve the working of the school library and canteen. I’d make sports and environmental studies compulsory for all students. I’d set up an ultra-modern stadium in the school. I’d also order the renovation of the school auditorium and gymnasium.

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I’d allow any student to come to me straightaway if he has any complaint or problem. I’d also pay full attention to the problems of the teachers. I’d bring about a better coordination between teachers and students and their parents.

I’d strengthen the parent teacher committee and Alumni Association. I’d ensure better results. I’d exhort the students to participate wholeheartedly in such campaigns as pulse polio, blood donation camps, poverty removal program, illiteracy eradication program, etc.


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