463 Word Short Essay about the Teacher I Admire

The relation between the teacher and the student is a strange one. They can neither become familiar with each other nor can they remain strangers. There is unconscious fear of the teacher in mind. Similarly the teacher always look upon his pupils as students.

The teacher gives a long lecture on morality and the students listen to it patiently. One dictates and the other obeys. But my attitude towards the teachers has always been different. Unfortunately, I do not like the teachers who are all the time teaching and preaching morals.

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I like my English teacher Mr. Rajan because he takes us away from the subject. He does not confine himself to the text books or to only the lectures. He often tells us something which happens around the world.



He arouses our curiosity. He often tries to make us to think independent. In this manner he makes us worldly-wise.

Moreover, one can never find a frown on his face. He realises our difficulties and tries to suggest solutions. I know that some of my class fellows do not like his serious nature, but he cracks a joke when it is necessary. He will make a serious classroom lecture lively with his anecdotes.

Teachers are generally boastful. They talk of their academic career in superlative terms. To a student, they seem to be just like super­human being capable of doing anything. I do not like doing anything. I do not like these types of people. Mr. Rajan often talks about his weaknesses as well as his failure in academic life.


His personality is unimpressive. He is very short and lean. Some of my class-fellows attach greater importance to physical appearance. So they consider him to be undernourished weakling. But I know that he has a very good mastery over the subject. He can talk with flourish. He is one of those teachers who actually knows how to teach.

He is so much lost in teaching that he would forget himself. Often he would rub off the blackboard with his handkerchief or even with his palm. Once he was to go out of station and his wife went to see him off. He was so much absorbed in talks that he was about to miss the train. When his wife asked him to board the train he kissed the porter and gave a rupee to his child. This forgetfulness is quite good for us. He sometimes forgets to ask about our home-work, sometimes he forgets our mischiefs in the class. This does not mean he is befooled.

He becomes conscious of his forgetfulness very soon. Without his odd feature of his character he would have been uninteresting. We love him for his small slips as much as for his vast knowledge and his virtues.


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