Essay on the Teacher I like Most

Seven teachers teach our class. They are all good and able and highly qualified. They love us. But I like Mr. Amit Jain most. He is my favourite teacher.

He had influenced me most. He is the in charge of our class.

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Shri Jain is a strong man. He has a well-built body. He has a great personality. His face is pleasing.


His dress is always neat and clean. He generally wears Khadi Kurta and Payjama. He looks smart in his dress. His voice is very pleasing. Sometimes he wears a long coat. We never saw him wear a suit.

He is the most able teacher. He has a brilliant career He got schol­arship in his school and college days. He is a gem among teachers.

He is an M.A., B.T. He is the master of his subjects. He makes his lesson very interesting. He makes every student understand his lesson.

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He has a kind word to each in his class. He encourages the boys to talk in English. He himself works very hard. He knows the way to take work -from the students. He is showing the best result in the subject he teaches.

Mr. Jain possesses good habits. He has a kindly face. We never saw any frowns on his forehead. He has a very keen eye.

No idle stu­dent can escape his keen eye. He is very humorous. He tries to keep us in good spirits. He never uses any cane. We obey him and he loves us. He is hard working.

He keeps a strict discipline in the class. He never uses a rod. He is never partial to anyone. He shows sympathy with the poor boys.


If a boy takes liberty with him he turns him out of the class. He does not allow him to return until he offers a sincere apology.

He is a fine sportsman. He takes part in school games. He is a good football player. He is in charge of games material.

His presence on the school ground is a source of joy and encouragement for us. He is the most popular teacher in the school.

All the teachers respect him. The Principal has much faith in him. He is the right hand of the Princi­pal. In all school activities he is always present.

For these reasons he is considered the best teacher of the school. His high character has made him very popular among the boys.


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