Imaginative Essay on “If I become Education Minister”

If by some miracle I became the minister of education I would bring many changes in the education system of India.

The first reform that I would bring about would be the abolishing of the examination system. At the end of every lesson that we study in class we have a test and at the end of a term we have to take an exam. Examinations are nothing but a test of our memories.

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A child who is good at memorizing notes can easily score well at the exam. It is not absolutely necessary that he may have understood all that he read. That proves the futility of exams.


The course should be read by students in such a way that they can really understand what they read and there can be a practical or oral assessment of the lesson.

I would reduce the number of students in each class. There is a great deal of overcrowding in class room now a day. This leads to a great deal of difficulty for the teachers to pay personal attention to the students as a result of this overcrowding.

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I would insist on more hours of play in school. Students shall be given a choice of games and they would be provided with every possible facility to improve their game. Coaches would be especially trained for this purpose and all the proper kits and equipment would be purchased for each school’s sports room. I would not forget to train the teachers in the sphere of teaching.


Often teachers are not trained well or they are just not bright enough to be teachers. The best people in the society would be allowed to teach and they would be trained with the latest skills in teaching.

Students would then be spared of the torture of being taught by boring and inefficient teachers.

Schools would be built in such a way that they look beautiful and are comfortable too. Often classrooms get too hot in the summer this makes it difficult for students to sit in school for so many hours comfortably.

Although I know that to put this dream into action it may cost a lot of money, if I became the minister I would certainly do my best to raise funds for these purposes and in fact turn each of these ideas into reality.


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