Write a Short Essay on If You Were the Principal of Your School

The success or failure of a school depends upon its Principal. A Principal has a very important place in the working of school.

He can improve the standard of education in the school. He is a central figure in the school. If I were the Principal of my school, I would introduce some ideas which are in my mind.

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First I would introduce co-education. Time has come when boys and girls should be educated together.

The girls generally are more hard-working than boys. There will be healthy competition between boys and girls. Boys will be encouraged to work hard to outshine girls.

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Secondly, I would try to make games compulsory for all students. It is on the playground that the feelings of brotherhood, discipline and social service are created among boys.

The team work becomes their habit. The Duke of Willington once said that it was on the playing fields of Eton that the battle of Waterloo was won


Thirdly, I would like to give moral education to all the students. Lit­erary education does not make a boy or a girl.

Moral education is nec­essary to make the students better, wiser, happier and noble. They should also be taught about high moral character. They must be aware of their duty towards their country.

Fourthly, I would like to keep a strict discipline in the school. The good tone of school depends upon the discipline. If the students are allowed to do as they like teaching becomes impossible.

Fifthly, I would like to develop the social life of the school. I would start many kinds of clubs, associations and debating societies.


They will enlarge mental outlook u students. They will increase their knowledge. They will learn to speak on the stage.

They will shake off their shyness. Lastly, I would discourage extravagance in the dress and habits of students. I would encourage plain living and high thinking among the students.

There are many other things I shall introduce in my school. I wish to see that students learning in my school may prove worthy in their life also.


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