Write an Essay on Prize Distribution Function in Your School

Functions are the necessary part of our social life. More over them give colours in our life. Prize distribution function is held in every school and every college.

Prize distribution function is a pride day for the students. It gives them chance to show their worth. Some achieve it in games and others win prizes for getting distinction in academic field.

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The prize distribution function of our school took place on 28th January, 2002. It was held in the open area of the school. A beautiful sitting arrangement was made. The state education minister presided over it.


The chief guest arrived in time. He was received at the school gate by the Principal and other members of the staff.

The function started with a welcome song. The N.C.C. and Red Cross boys gave a show of drill which everybody liked.

The fancy dress made people laugh again and again. Tit-bits, stories, speeches and songs had a great effect on the audience.

The Principal then read out his annual report. The school had marched from strength to strength.

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The higher secondary results were brilliant. The school had won a name in the games also. He mentioned the merit of scholarships won by number of students in different classes. His speech was punctuated with cheers and aplauses.

Then the President gave away the prizes to the boys who had got distinctions in studies and games and sports. The prize winners re­ceived their prizes and saluted the President in graceful manner.

After distribution of the prizes, the President stood up and gave a good short speech. He praised the school for its good work and great progress and promised to help it in every way in loud cheers.


The Secretary then thanked the President and the guests for the trouble they-had taken” in coming to the school.

A holiday was announced and the function came to an end. After this, distribution of sweets to the boys took place.


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