Short essay on My School/College Library

Short essay on My School/College Library for students (free to read). A library may be called the brain of a school or college. It is a store-house of knowl­edge. It caters to the needs of all kinds of scholars.

My school/college has a big library. It is situated in a separate building and is surrounded by a green grassy lawn. It has a large reading room and two big rooms for storing books. There is another small room. It is meant exclusively to store newspapers, journals and magazines.

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In our school/college library there are more than twenty thousand books. Some of the books are meant for students especially, because they pertain to their courses and syllabi. But some books are of general inter­est. Most of the books by the great writers in English, Hindi and some other languages can be found in our school/college library.

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We have the books on literature, science, mathematics, history, political science, ge­ography, sociology, commerce etc. There are scriptures of a number of religions of the world, the Reader’ Encyclopedia, the Ency­clopedia Britannica etc. There are books on art, creative writing, translated works etc. There are books on health care etc. In fact, variety is sumptuous.

Our school/college library also subscribes to a number of newspapers and magazines, which are there on separate stands and papers, whereas the books are arranged subject-wise in neat shelves. The librarian and his two assistants help the students in selecting and locating books. Two books are issued to a student for one month. Thereafter there is a fine of fifty paisa per day.

I have made it a point to visit the school library at least once a day. It must be the motto of every student who wants to do well in Board and University examinations, who wants to increase his knowledge and appear in competitive examinations. There are competitions at each step in life and libraries are the living bodies which will always stand by us.


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