459 words essay on the Impact of Science on Rural Life

Free sample essay on the Impact of Science on Rural Life. Science has brought about a great change in rural life. India is mainly an agricultural country. India lives in villages. About 86 per cent of its population lives in villages.

Most of the villagers are illiterate or semi-literate. But the penetration of mass media and IT in rural life has broadened the outlook of the villagers. Science has dispelled superstitions and ignorance from the lives of the villagers. It has revolutionized the methods of farming.

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Science has given us different machines to be used in farming. Our farmers had to depend on oxen for sloughing. But now we have tractors and other machines which help in sowing the seeds. Machines are used for cutting and thrashing crops. We have pumping sets and tube wells for irrigation. In ancient times, farmers had to manually carry water for irrigation. Now there are a variety of machines and equipment to help the farming community.

The spread of mass media has done a lot to change the rural masses. Now the rural people have begun to think logically and rationally. According to Bertrand Russell, science has changed the face of earth. The world has changed more during the last 200 years than during 4000 years or previous to that. Science has extended the frontiers of our knowledge in various ways and various directions. It has enabled us to fight natural calamities and revolutionized industrial and agricultural processes.

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Science has changed the face of villages. Now even remote villages are well-connected by metallic roads with other towns and cities. All the modern amenities and facilities are available in villages. Huge dams and bridges have been constructed and various thermal and hydroelectrically plants have been set up. This is a great contribution of science. These dams and bridges have done great good in the life of the people. They have provided the villages with the electricity and irrigation facilities. India could become self-reliant in the field of food grain production because of scientific progress and technological advancement. The extensive use of scientific methods and technology in the field of farming gave high yield. It brought prosperity in the lives of rural masses.

Science has revolutionized the field of transport and communication. This has directly or indirectly impacted the rural life. Travelling to cities is easier in modern time. Science has made them familiar with the modern means of communication. They are now familiar with the latest fashion trend, technology and discoveries. This awakening has worked wonders. It has led to change in their lives.


Thus science has a far-reaching impact on rural life. It has done a lot in making a developed society. The more the reach and accessibility of science in rural life, the more the chances of being a developed and advanced society.


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