Essay on Importance of Rural Sociology

Essay on Importance of Rural Sociology – The practical value of the study of rural sociology is widely recognised today. As long as the villages and the rural society assume importance, the rural sociology shall continue to acquire im­portance.

The value of rural sociology can be understood by the following points:

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(1) Rural Population is in Majority:

The world’s population is more rural than urban. More than two-third of the people of the world live in villages. In India alone more than 50 crores people (more than 75 per cent of the total population) live in more than 5 lakh villages. It is the village that forms the basis of society. Rural sociology is inevitable for the study of the majority of the popula­tion.

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(2) Intimate Relationship between the Land and Man:

Man is born out of land and his entire culture depends on it. Land has been the part and parcel of human life. Progress starts from the village. The type of land partially conditions the type of society and the opportunities for human development. This close relationship between man and land has also been recognised by the econo­mists and political scientists.


(3) Villages and Rural Life form the Source of Population:

Cities normally grow out of towns and villages. No city can come into existence all of a sudden without having a rural background. A village, when improved and thickly populated, becomes a town or a city. Thus it is the village population that forms the source of urban life.

(4) Psychological Approach to the rural life:

Rural progress, rural reconstruction or improve­ment of rural societies is possible only when the people have correct idea about the rural way of life and problems. Rural sociology touches upon the rural psychology and provides a good understand­ing of the rural people and their society.


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