Short Essay on Technology

Technology has revolutionized our lives completely today we cannot think of living without a television, mobile phones and the latest addition’ our addiction to the internet.

The wise internet has everything in it, what one wants to know. It not only provides connectivity with others but it is Store house of knowledge, music, and entertainment.

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The blog is the later Invention where anyone can voice his opinion and vent out frustration the e-mail gives us an opportunity to send letters in a jiffy; the SMS conned’ people within seconds no longer does one have to wait for the postman!

Deliver letters neither does one have the patience to wait in this fast moving world. Pick up your phones and talk to your relatives and friends any where any time in the world. The web camera enables you to do video conferencing such is the power of the internet and mobiles’ in connecting us.

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Though connectivity has increased where the feelings have gone? Wtr has happened to our relationships? After all, the experience of talking on the phone does not have the same personal feelings as talking to a person face to face. The warm embrace which can console people in distress can not be replaced by a mere SMS or chatting, on line.

We are a world, where people are lonely, sad and unhappy because the emotional needs are not being satisfied in spite of such remarkable connectivity. We can share opinions/views but the lack of personal touch the feeling of closeness, eye contact, warmth cannot be compensated.


As matter of fact, because we have the power of connecting, we feel we have lone our duty and do not make an effort to meet friends and relatives personally. This creates a vacuum, a gap in relationships. It also makes us me in a false world which encourages pretence. We start leading a life of, sham and fail to touch hearts which is so important for our happiness and mental satisfaction.

Had it not been for this gadget Man would have made efforts in socializing and meeting people, but science has messed it up and taken away from us this joy of life. We have become mere machines and machines do not have potions. Hence we are leading lives, bereft of emotion and feelings. Thank Lou Science’ for making us ‘Robots’!


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