284 Words Short Essay on Science A Blessing or A Curse

The modern age has provided us with many wonderful inventions and discoveries of science. The world has changed tremendously by its contributions in every walk of life. It has increased the comforts and made domestic life easy giving men more time for leisure.

Industries are giving finer and greater number of outputs in lesser time. It has also helped in boosting the agricultural yields and preserving the same over a longer period of time. With the use of various machines, equipments and gadgets, trade and business has accelerated.

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Electricity in itself is a great wonder of science. It is the essence of mechanical functioning. Communication is made quick and easy by various instruments and travelling has become comfortable by the use of variety of vehicles on land and seas as well as in the air. The large world has become a small place as the long distances have been minimized.

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Numerous drugs and vaccines have cured people from dangerous life-taking diseases. Unimagined wonders of organ transplantations and laser surgeries have increased the life expectancy world over. Pain due to illness is reduced.

On the lighter side, science has provided us with many means of entertainment like Radio, TV and Video to fight the boring Monotony in life. Life is easier and man is proud of his achievements.

The machines which have provided comforts and easiness have failed to provide the peace of mind. It has led to unemployment and competitions. Man has become greedy and lost the spirit of brotherhood.


He lives in the constant fear of wars and destruction. In fact, the misapplication of scientific knowledge has brought man face to face with destruction. So, the potentialities of science must not be misused.


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