Write a Short Essay on Students Unrest

There are many reasons which are responsible for students’ un­rest. They are not provided what they require from their home.

As whole of world is in a mad race of minting money their parents are also busy in making money. They have no time to look after their wards. They are ignorant about their needs and necessities.

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As a result of this the chil­dren become disobedient. This is the first and the most important rea­son of students’ unrest.

In schools too they are neglected. Although there are teachers, in abundance yet they do not care for the students and don’t listen to their problems.

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Teachers are also in a mad race to make money. They are least interested in teaching in the school, in classes but are interested intuitional groups. The result is that students become truant and indiscipline.

Today we can see that in every part of the world students’ unrest is there. Students are holding demonstrations.


They resort to agitations against the government for their difficulties and troubles. They destroy private and public property. They force the Government to bring change in their policies.

For the sake of their interest political parties also play an important role. They give false assurances to the students of their support.

Due to this reason administrative teaching authorities become indifferent as they don’t want to become the prey of politics.

Political parties politicize their problems. As it becomes a conflict between ruling party and oppo­sition parties their genuine problems are neglected


The faulty education system also adds fire to the fuel. Over crowded syllabus and examination system are also responsible for this unrest.

Though there have been many changes in political and social fields, yet education system is the same. After education there is no employ­ment for them, it brings desperation in them.

Now times have come when the Government should come ahead to resolve the genuine problems of the students for the welfare of the nation and society.


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