Short Essay on the Role of Education in the Modernisation of India

The slogan of modernisation is now echoing around the world. Though used frequently both in the current literature and in speech making the term ‘modernisation’ has acquired different meanings.

The economists use this term simply as another word for economic growth to be achieved mostly through man’s application of technologies to the control of natural resources.

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The political scientists look at modernisation as the process of government building. They are interested how governments increase their capacity to innovate change and cope with social conflict.

The psychologists would emphasise self- reliance and achievement motivation essential to modernity.

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To the common man industrialization and automation symbolise modernisation. In machine he sees, on the one hand, increased production resulting in better comfort and higher standard of living and, on the other hand, science displacing superstition

In education also modernisation implies many things. To one educationist modernisation means to spread education, to produce educated and skilled citizens and train an adequate and competent intelligentsia. To another it implies more teaching aids to make teaching-learning effective.


Yet the third would look at it in terms of western educational system and so on. A comprehensive view of modernisation in education will mean a new approach not only to the aims and processes of education but also to the totality of its entire programmers so as to relate it to national development, national needs and national aspirations.

Role of Education in the Modernisation of India:

1. Education and Increased Production

2. Education and Equalisation of Educational Opportunity

3. Education and Promotion of Emotional and National Integration


4. Education and Establishment of a Socialistic Pattern of Society

5. Education for Democratic Values

6. Education and Secularism

7. Education for International Understanding

8. Education and Synthesis between Scientific and Cultural Values.


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