Essay on Migration to Cities by the Villagers

Essay on Migration to Cities by the Villagers – Culture is another factor. A young man who moves to the city for education would not like to retire to the rural setting to lead a rough and coarse life. Thus, the educated concentrate in the cities only.

No temptation from the government regarding higher salaries or other facilities leads the doctor, belonging to a rural family, back to his hearth. For a technocrat there is no option but to be in a city.

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As there is a craze among the city dwellers to go abroad there is equally great a passion among the rural people to visit cities and live there. In many cases the peaceful tenure of the villages has been lost with increasing insecurity for the rich and perennial feuds pertaining to land.

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The clan clashes are a common feature in African hinterland while Indian countryside is rife with caste clashes, acuities and kidnappings. None, who has an option, would like to stay in such an atmosphere.

Thus the metropolitan urban centers have in their lap a number of diversified people from a poverty stricken laborer to the rich industrialist people belonging to different faiths and interests motivated by different reasons and pleas.

For some it is the glamour, for others it is necessity that brings them together. It is a heterogeneous society living on the same plank. One may ideally call it a unity in diversity. It is nothing like that. There is no sense of unity at all. It is a compulsion forced upon them.


The social mores in the city are different from those of the small villages where people voluntarily accept the concept of neighborhood in the true sense. One is never away from his family in any part of the village.

He loses sense of vicinity and compactness as soon as he is in an urban setting. He is a lone man in the crowd attached to none. The social mores are changed and are optional. He may opt for them or remain aloof.

The natural ties are no more binding upon him. He may move in the society if he is ambitious remain drawn away if he shuns the people.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay:


1. If a young man comes to the city he dislikes returning to coarse life of villages.

2. Educated people concentrate in cities.

3. Desire of rural people to live in cities is similar to that of the city people to go abroad.

4. Insecurity due to caste and class clashes, looting rich people and kidnappings ‘compel people to leave villages.

5. Glamour or necessity brings the rich and the poor diversified people to metropolitan cities. Not a sense of unity but compulsion forces them to live together.

6. In cities rural social mores and concept of neighborhood are lost.

7. Once in city a man is free from all natural bindings. He is free to lead a social or secluded life.


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