The Rights of a Child as Stated by the League of Nations Convention – Essay

Convention on the right of child are given below:

The convention on the rights of child was adopted on 20, Nov., 1989 by UN General Assembly. It recognizes that every human being below the age of 18 can called a chiId. This provides equal opportunity of development to each and every individual.

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As childhood is most sensitive period in life of every individual so special protection should given to children by their parents or guardian. As parents plays a vital role in child life and provide appropriate direction and guidance in the exercise of their rights.

The concept of universal decorating of human rights provides minimum standard to treatment of child. The convention of rights of a child, league of nations declaration of rights of child of 1924, Vienna World Conference, programme for action dealing with promotion and protection of human right, it help in protection the right of children. These conferences and convention helped in promotion of their interest.

The convention on right of child interpreted the international norms in field of human rights. It makes realization of right of child which may be contained in national law. The convention provides that age the child enjoys only partial legal capacities to certain rights.

As the age of marriage is different in various countries. For e.g.., the marriageable age in Malta is 16, in Romania 18 for men and 16 for women. Article 32 provides minimum age for employment opportunity and Article 38 gave that children below the age of 18 should not indulge in armed forces.


All the rights of equal importance. Article 31 provide right to rest, survival and development because it help in survival by recreational and cultural activities. Article 13 provides right to freedom of expression and education played in important role in which Article 24 deal with right to social security and social insurance. The convention deal with civil, political, social, cultural and specific right of children in different circumstances.

The convention provides equal rights to children and create natural environment for growth and well being of children. The family is first place where children learn the basic lesson and help in welfare of children.


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