Short Essay on the Ramakrishna Mission (431 Words)

Here is your short essay on the Ramakrishna Mission.

The Ramakrishna Mission was established with some basic ideas which are now discussed.

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Ideology and Objects:


The ideology and objectives of the Ramakrishna Mission were:

(i) Impart and promote the study of the Vedanta and its principles as propounded by Ramakrishna and practically illustrated by his own life, and of comparative ideology in its widest form.

(ii) Vedanta is a Hindu philosophy which teaches that there is Oneness of all Truth. That all evolves from Truth and returns to Truth. Thus all appearances are deceptive, unless apprehended through the Truth to impart and promote the study of the arts, science and industries;

(iii) To train teachers in all the branches of knowledge mentioned above and enable tham to reach the masses;


iv) To carry on educational work among the masses;

v) To establish, maintain, carry on and assist schools, colleges, universities, orphanages, workshops, laboratories, hospitals, dispensaries, houses for the infirm, the invalid and the afflicted, famine relief works, and other educational and or charitable works and institutions of a like nature;

vi) To print and publish and to sell or distribute, gratuitously or otherwise, journals, periodicals, books or leaflets that the Association may think desirable for the promotion of its objects;

vii) To carry on any other work which may seem to the Association capable of being conveniently carried on, in connection with the calculated and directly or indirectly to promote any of the before mentioned objects.


These ideas of the Ramakrishna Mission under the following heads:

(i) Ideal:

Freedom of the self and service of mankind.

(ii) Aim:

Preaching and practice of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion, as embodied in the likes and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda.

(iii) Motto:

Renunciation and Service; Harmony of all religion,

(iv) Method:

Work and worship.

Activities of the Mission:

By providing an idea of the practices which the Mission is engaged in the hope to indicate its wide range of activities.

i) Worship:

This includes specialized training of monastic aspirants and religious preaching’s.

ii) General and technical education with an ethical and spiritual background; other general services include:

(iii) Medical service;

iv) Famine and distress relief work;

v) Rural upliftment;

vi) Work among the toiling and emerging people of all classes; and

vii) Other cultural activities.

The various activities of the Ramakrishna Mission, to know how these various activities of the Mission are being organised. This list makes it clear that the Mission has a comprehensive plan of activities rigging from the transcend dental to the practical.


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