21 Suggestions for Proper Socialization of School Students

Suggestions for Proper Socialization of the Students are given below:

1. Children may be taken from time to time to public places like museums, courts, places of historical importance etc.

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2. People engaged in different economic activi­ties or vocations may be invited to school for giving a faithful description of what they do and how useful their work is to the nation. This will enable the children to be acquainted, with those around them in the society. This will also develop vocational socialization in children.


3. Work experience should be introduced in schools. This will enable the children to have first hand experiences of the activities pursued in farms and factories.

4. Children should be acquainted with the social events like the celebration of the birthdays of leaders.

5. The school or college programme should be full of numerous co-curricular and curricular activities in which children meet, cooperate and learn from each other’s personalities.

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6. Children should be told about the socially accepted institutions in their society.

7. The introduction of common school dress, common lunch etc., in the schools and colleges will prevent children of poor and lower middle classes from humility due to the inflated ego of the children of the well-to-do families.

8. Teachers and parents may encourage the children to mix in inter-caste rather than intra- caste groups.

9. The teachers and the parents should respect the personality of children.


10. The mechanisms of praise and blame, reward and punishment should be carefully used to socialize the children.

11. Proper social education may be provided to parents so that they understand the signifi­cance of the socialisation of the children.

12. The teachers should demonstrate democratic outlook.

13. Community activities like camps, common meals, social service etc., should be frequently organised.

14. There should be a close cooperation between the teachers and parents on matters relating to the proper socialization of the children.

15. Various aspects of socialization, anxiety of children and juvenile delinquency may be discussed by the headmasters, inspecting officers, teacher-educators and professional organisations in seminars.

16. Adequate stress may be laid on group activities.

17. Exhibitions on “Know our Country” may be organized from time to time.

18. Stories depicting self-sacrifices made by great men for the cause of general good may be told to children so that they are motivated to rise above petty gains and work for the betterment of the humanity.

19. The teacher should refrain from projecting their class images on students. They should not show any discrimination. They must ensure a safe and healthy social environment in which the children may imbibe desirable values of freedom, equality, integrity, honesty, patriotism etc.

20. With proper guidance and responsibilities, the students’ council can build up a sense of shared responsibility among children.

21. A proper socialisation of children very much necessitates that the ideology of the common school system be allowed to function in the letter and spirit in India.


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