Sample Reply Letter from a Girl to Her Boyfriend Accepting a Marriage Proposal


My dearest (Name),


Hello! I received your letter on ____________ (Date) (And the lovely bouquet). I cannot express how pleased I was to receive the best message of my life! I sincerely feel that I also nurture similar feelings about you. This feeling cannot be explained in words. You have been able to reach the most sensitive corner of my heart. My soul longs for you and my body feels a mild and sweet pain. What is this? Is it love? Please do explain this dilemma to me when we meet. You have asked for my hand in marriage.

My dearest ____________ (Boy Name), I am all yours. When I came to meet in ____________ (Place), I was sure about the fact that you are mine. However, a woman does not express herself through words. That is why; I had chosen the dress for that night very carefully. I was also trembling due to emotions but I wanted you to come out with your feelings first. Thank God, you wrote to me at last. We would make a dignified pair. Our friends and family member would also approve of this alliance. I am excited and have a deep sense of satisfaction now. My God has helped me win my love. I could not have asked for more.

Please inform me when we would be able to meet in order to finalise our future plans? I have so many feelings to express and so many thoughts to share with you. We ought to plan the marriage ceremonies at an earliest possible date. Why don’t we get married on ____________ (Date) June? I would be able to call all my friends and relatives. You would also have to inform your friends through E-mail and courier despatches. I have to buy new dresses. Please do inform me what should I wear while walking down the aisle? It would be your privilege to choose a wedding dress for me. I would comply with your demands and requests. Let us meet in ____________ (Place and Date). You can come to my residence at 11 AM. We would go to a hotel and plan the marriage ceremony. My friends and parents would be available on that day. If you wish to bring your friend along with you, I would be glad to receive him.

Yours lovingly,
(Your Name)
(Your Address)