Inter-relationship between men and his environment – Essay

When we think of environment, the things that instantly come to our mind are air, land, water, wildlife-animals, birds, fish and forests etc.

These really constitute the physical attributes of an environment.

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However, the environment of man consists of both natural and manmade substances and conditions in which and by means of which human society satisfies its most varied material as well as cultural needs.

In the society, man is connected with his environment by constant interaction. The environment affects man both physically and psychically, forming him and determining some of his characteristics, reactions etc.

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On the other hand, man constantly affects the material surrounding him, changing them (in ways both good and bad, from his own viewpoints and that of nature), and thus becoming to a great extent, the creature of the living conditions and style of the generations to come.

The basic prerequisite for translating the healthy living environment for the future will thus be to outline an ideal model life for human society, a model of its culture, its style of living, its needs, its materials and its produc­tion-on the basis of the developmental for which it will be possible to satisfy demands etc.


As a clean mind requires clean body, similarly a clean environment is essential for a clean society.

Formerly it was understood by the developing countries like India about the emotional and aesthetic importance of the environmental aware­ness that it was not as high a cause of concern and thereat to the existence of human race as much as it was for the developed world.

They found it to be a discouraging one for their rapid industrialization in the name of modernisa­tion.

But owing to this modernisation we have reached to a point of time where are required to give a serious think to the environmental problems resulting from this modernisation.


The most usually referred environmental pollution problems, relate to the earth’s resources like soil, groundwater, forest, river, sea and wildlife.

It may be noted that these problems largely relate to the conditions of poverty and under-developed vis-a-vis the negative effects of the very proc­ess of development in India.

No doubt, it has a lot to do with the impact on the health and integrity of our natural resources as a result of poverty and the inadequate availability for a large section of our population of the means of fulfill basic human needs.

In the light of the above it has now become necessary to replenish the earth’s resources like soil, groundwater, forest, rivers, seas and wildlife.


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