Scope and Main Objectives of Environmental Studies

The Scope of Environmental Studies in Numerous Fields is given below:


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Scope of environmental studies is so wide that it has got relation with every science and scientific aspects in general and biology in particular.

The scope of environmental studies in numerous fields is given below:


(i) Conservation and management of natural resources like forest, water, air, mineral, etc.

(ii) Conservation of biodiversities like genetic diversity, species diversity, ecosystem diversity, landscape diversity, etc.

(iii) Control of environmental pollutions like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, solid waste pollution, noise pollution, electronic waste pollution, e-pollution, etc.

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(iv) Replacement of development (like green revolution, urbanization,) economic growth, industrialization, etc.) With sustainable development

(v) Control of human population.

(vi) Ecology

Main Objectives
Main Objectives of Environmental Studies are given below:

(i) Acquire an awareness of the environment as a whole and its related problems.


(ii) Gain a variety of experiences and acquire a basic understanding and knowledge about the environment and its allied problems.

(iii) Acquire an attitude of concern for the environment.

(iv) Acquire the skills for identifying and solving environmental problems.

(v) Participate in improvement and protection of environment.

(vi) Develop the ability to evaluate measures for the improvement and protection of environment.

To sum up, the objectives of environmental studies are to develop a world in which persons are aware of and concerned about environment and the problems associated with it, and committed to work individually as well as collectively towards solutions of current problems and prevention of future problems.


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