Essay on the Functions of Majesty's Inspectors of Schools in Britain

Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools perform the following three types of functions:

1. To inspect educational institutions and to evaluate their achievements.

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2. To represent the Education Ministry from the administrative point of view.


3. To give theoretical and practical advice on behalf of the Education Ministry.

The function of the Inspectors of Schools is limited to inspection only. The Inspector cannot give any order to the teachers, but he may praise or criticise their work and advise them at times. He inspects an educational institution from all points of view before giving his report to the Board of Inspectors.

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The school-in-charge decides whether the report is just or partial. The inspection report is treated as confidential. Before preparing it the Inspector obtains information from the head­master and other staff. Therefore, generally his report is just and reliable.


The copy of this report is kept in the school. Teachers may be criticised in it and they may get permission to study the same. A teacher after studying this report may give his explanation. The Inspector alone may choose to make any change in his inspection report. The Inspectors of Schools, besides inspection, perform some other constructive functions as well. These are as follows:—

1. Every year to formulate refresher course and short- term course for teachers.

2. To collect bulletins published by the Education Minister for the guidance’s of teachers.

3. To function as Liaison Officers between the Education Ministry and educational institutions and to participate in meetings and committees held on educational matters.


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