Essay on Life in a Big City (Free to read)

Essay on Life in a Big City (Free to read). It is said that real India lives in vil­lages. It is because more than 70% of Indians are realties.

An English poet, William Cowper, has also said, “God made the coun­try and manmade the town.” He meant to say that life in a village was more natural as compared to the artificial life of the town.

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Still, more and more people prefer to live in towns. Urbanization is going on in India and throughout the world at a very rapid pace. It is perhaps because there is more glamour in the cities. There are more facilities and means of comfort available there. There are schools, colleges, universi­ties, libraries, banks and business concerns, hospitals and dispensaries, hotels and res­taurants, museums, art galleries, exhibi­tions, circus shows, cinema halls night clubs, literary societies and what not. In fact, there are varied means of getting desired educa­tion, medical aid and means of entertain­ment.

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However, in many other ways, life in a big city cannot hold ground before life in a village. A great philosopher has said, “A great city is a great desert.” What he meant to say is true even now. In a big city, people have no interaction except in offices, business transactions and in clubs. Even the close neighbors do not know each other. They live and pass by each other like strangers.

In a big city, there is no natural beauty. The air is polluted because of numberless smoke-emitting vehicles and small and big industrial units. There is acute housing problem. Many people live in slums. The public transport system is faulty. The pri­vate transport is very costly. Epidemics spread more rapidly in towns than in villages because of pollution in air and artificially cleaned water. The own people are weak and ease-loving. The village people are strong because they do more physical work and get more and proper food, water and air. Also there is a great noise and hustle in a big city. The life is very tiring, as one has to wait long in queues for ration, for milk, for bus and for many other things.

Still, there is more security in towns. Also there are more and better avenues of employment. Hence people prefer to settle there.


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