Different Types of Advertising Lines That Will Attract Customers

Headlines may be of various types depending upon their nature, such as:

a. Question type:

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A headline can be phrased like a question. Usually, the answers to such questions are found in the advertisement itself. Sometimes, two identical pictures are given and the viewers are asked to point out the real ones. Sometimes, the readers are asked to point out the wrong one in the illustration and so on. Examples of such type of headlines are:


What is ELGI doing in the railways?

Danger can control us any day any time, are you prepared?

Do you want really fine shoes?

Image Source: en.hdyo.org


b. Command type:

Another form of headline is the command type. Here, the headlines ask the reader to buy a particular product in a commanding way. However, it is quite difficult to build a ‘buyer-benefit’ into a command. Therefore, command types of headlines are not popularly used. Some of the notable examples of command type of headlines are:

Don’t say Ink-say Quink.

Show the world what real whiteness is.


Det… today’s out-white winner.

Don’t dream. It’s orange cream.

c. Curiosity type:

Another form of headline is the curiosity type. Here the copywriter tries to provoke the reader to go through the entire advertisement. Curiosity type headlines create inquisitiveness in the minds of customers to know about the product by going through the advertisement in detail.

Such headline sometimes is a single word; sometimes a blind sentence with no meaning in itself invites the reader to go through the advertisement in detail. Following are some of the examples of curiosity type headlines.

It’s what you don’t see does the most harm.

Promises, promises, promises but only one refrigerator gives you 7 years guarantee.

d. Selective type:

Another form of headline is the selective type. Here the appeal is made to a selective group of prospects only and not to the world at large. Selective headlines usually have one striking feature; the more selective they are the fewer readers they will attract but their quality will be higher. In fact, selective headline is written to reach a particular class of people. Some of the notable examples are:

Godrej Shaving Cream – The Only Bright Spot in a Man’s Morning.

If You Care for Your Wife and Want to be Earned in Return, Give Her a “Sumeet”.

The Best Sleeping Partner for Men on the Move – DUCKBACK Air Pillow.

e. Boosting type:

As the name implies, boosting type headlines feature the product or the advertisement in an exaggerated form. Sweeping and extravagant claims are made about the product. However, such boosting claims are so often made and by so many producers that the headline ultimately remains ineffective. Following are some of the boosting type of headlines:

The Best Value In Sleep At Any Price

The World’s Best Tie, Regardless Of Price

World’s Largest Selling Bicycle

BPL TV, Always the Best.

f. Identification type:

Identification headlines give the broad name of the product without price but with the advertiser’s name and slogan. Though frequently used, it is a weak type of headline as the product is given utmost importance. Usually, broad names of the product or the firm serve as the headline. Some of the examples of this type of headlines are:

Maruti – (Automobiles)

Ambassador – (Automobiles)

Bajaj – (Two wheeler)

Tata – (steel)

g. Suggestive type:

As the name indicates, the suggestive type headlines suggest ideas to the prospects. This is perhaps the most common type of headlines and more frequently used. Following are some of the examples of suggestive type headlines:

When You Weigh It Up, It Makes Sense To Buy Surf.

Growing Babies Need A Special Solid Food-Farex.

For All Your Household Water Supply Needs Choose WASP Pumps.

h. Message type:

Since consumers want to get information, they are more attracted towards message providing headlines. The headline may relate to the product, its packing, its price, its uses, its users and so on. Sometimes a complete sales message can be easily built into a message type headline.

Plug In, Switch On, Go .. Prestige Electromatique. Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker.

White Det Whiteness. While It Washes Clean Only White Det Can Wash Your White Clothes So Shining White, Your Coloured Clothes So Spotlessly Clean.

Introducing Something New In Toilet Care – FLUSH K.LEEN. The Automatic Cleaner.

i. Benefit type:

Benefit headlines are powerful and effective because they promise the consumer to bring hope and satisfaction. They imply that there is a way, perhaps quick and painless, to get what the consumer wants. In other words, they offer a clear solution to the problems of the consumers. These kinds of headlines can also be a complete selling message. For example, You Will Find There’s A Lot To Be Gained By Becoming A Subscriber To Reader’s Digest.


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