Short essay on the influence of advertising on todays modern multidimensional economy

Advertising has a great influence on the people. The consumers first come to know about the product, they get educated about the qualities of the product as well as its utility. They are persuaded to buy it.

Publicity and advertisement are the means of communication which an organisation adopts to educate the public about its various activities.

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The scope of publicity and advertisement is gaining credence in the modern concept of business and public contacts.


In the modern multidimensional economy which has become univer­sally competitive, the publicity has to play a very important role.

It is through publicity only that we come to know about various products.

Publicity brings cost effectiveness, competitive quality of a product, various utilities of a product and their prices, sale-schemes etc.



Through publicity, we can give our suggestions about various products and also call for opinions to be considered for improvements. We can generate a public awareness about something by publicity.

Publicity can very be utilized for education, political, sanitation and many other purposes also.

Today it is through publicity we give environmen­tal knowledge to the public. Political achievement, various programmes and scheme are brought to the knowledge of general public only through public­ity.

Thus publicity is most successful means of communication with public. It has a very wide scope.


Advertisement is solely meant for increasing sale. It is a means of public awareness about a particular product solely for the purpose of increas­ing sale.

Advertisement carries all characteristics of publicity but its purpose is exclusively to increase sale.

Thus it is said that advertisement should not be done for the purpose of advertisement alone.

In this case quality of product must be maintained. Through advertising every aspect about the product and services must be brought to the knowledge of public.

Influence of publicity and advertising has been widely recognised in the fast changing market strategies.

There are various items and services produced, which provide a standard of quality and satisfaction, are available at a very genuine price.

But people are generally not aware about them but for the advertisement and publicity.

Now business strategies and public contacts are being directly linked with advertisement and publicity.

In the business advertising has become so essential that it would not be wrong to say that ours is “an age of advertisement”.

Without advertisement no new product can survive in the market. Day in and day out, the trend is catching on, success or failure of a product, depends on the success or failure of the advertising campaign.

We find that even for a small item like a toffee lakhs of rupees are paid by the companies for advertisement on TV, Radio or newspapers.

They do so only because it pays them to advertise their products.


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