Free Essay on Newspapers Today

Free Essay on Newspapers Today – The newspapers have their own importance. Newspapers are also very good means of publicity and propaganda. Many a time, newspapers help in creating the spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding.

The newspapers preach their own ideology, as well. The production and distribution of the newspapers need heavy expenditure and huge organisation. Similarly, acute competition eliminates small newspapers.

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Thus, it becomes a huge business organisation with profit motive. Firstly, it tries to become financially sound by increasing readership and attracting advertisements.

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As such they tempt the readers to believe the statements to be true. They repeat the news through the different papers and the readers by
reading in different papers, believe them.

Another method to misguide the readers is through headlines. By their pithy nature and bold type headlines give undue importance to certain news. The reader’s opinions are prejudiced by giving emotionally coloured words and disguised comments in the headlines.

The busy or lazy reader does not go beyond the headlines; even the careful reader is satisfied with the first few paragraphs.


The reader is not allowed to concentrate; short paragraphs and splitting up the item on different pages discourage it.

The selection of the news also leads to the misguidance of the readers. Editor must conform to the newspaper policy and the tastes of the readers in selecting news.


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