4 Main Causes for the Rapid Growth in the Quantity of Solid Waste

The main causes for the rapid growth in the quantity of solid waste are:

1. Overpopulation:

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Due to increasing industrialization and population large quantities of wastes are being generated in different forms such as- solid, liquid, sludge and gases. Each city produces tones of solid wastes daily from households, hospitals, industry offices, market centers etc.

Some of these are biodegradable some are non biodegradable and Hazardous waste. Wastes are directly thrown away on the street roads, city garbage collecting places etc. Out of which most of it still remain there, which later pile up and chocks cities drainage lines.

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Due to pressure of urbanization most of the cities are growing fast and sometimes they develop beyond the planned limits. Generally the unplanned areas of the city contain a quarter of the total population, where the spatial information is missing because of non-availability of up-to-date maps.

Earlier waste disposal did not pose problem due to less population and lack of public awareness. But due to rapid urbanization, proportionate increase in domestic and industrial solid waste generation was observed in large cities.

3. Affluence:

With the affluence, there is a tendency to declare items as being in or out of fashion and the items those are out of fashion results solid waste pollution.

4. Technology:


As the country achieves the economical goals, the countries invest more over technology. With the development in technology, there is a shift from natural goods to the artificial ones, those are generally non-biodegradable by nature such as plastic, and DDT etc. these non-biodegradable products are largely responsible for causing solid waste pollution because they persist unchanged in disposal operations such as landfills.


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