Summary of “No Man Is An Island” by John Donne

“No Man Is An Island” by John Donne is a short poem beautifully connected all the human beings and stating them as one. In this poem the poets speak about humanity stating that a human being when isolated from others do not thrive.

A human being living alone is like a person living in an isolated island. In order to be an island, a man would have to be cut off and isolated from the rest of mankind. Man is born to live his life with others, he cannot grow in isolation. Donne feels that all mankind is of one author, and is one book. Thus, death of a man doesn’t mean an end of a chapter in the book; it means that chapter is translated into a better language.

Man is a social animal, we do not see it, but what happens to one person happens to everyone. Each person’s existence affects the existence of another person. Like when a person is angry, his anger affects his relation with others.

Thus, an existence of a person not only affects himself but it also affects those living with him. There is no such thing as a wholly isolated individual. Only death can isolate a person from another, but even in case of death, he person is remembered by his loved ones and thus he remains alive in their hearts.


Living a life all by oneself is a false notion, it’s a myth. No one can survive living in isolation we all need love and acceptance and help of others in order to survive and grow further in our lives. Loneliness or emptiness in the heart can never make a person grow, a person need to feel full with love and joy in his heart in order to grow and succeed in life. That is all we need from each other love, guidance and support. Someone with whom we can share all our emotions, our feeling of pain and joy.

Our actions and feeling in certain situation are same, but we need to limit our Indecency, lewdness, or offensiveness behavior and expression. Being angry at your wife is one thing and beating her out of anger is other. Abusive behavior or behaving extreme is not normal. This should be kept in kind. One should know the difference between innocent actions and morally reprehensible crimes.

The phrases in this poem have forever connected men with each other proving that all humans are interrelated. No man is different from other ultimately we all are same. We all experience the same feeling and emotions. We are no one to differentiate each other by the way of our status, cast or action.