Short Speech on Religion (490 Words)

Here is your Short Speech on Religion.

A religion is an organized approach to human spirituality which usually encompasses a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural or transcendent quality, that give meaning to the practitioner’s experiences of human beings as a collectivity in all parts of the world, (b) Relationships between human beings, probably in all walks of their life, and (c) to all facets of everyday human life, for example, education, politics, economy etc. Every society has religious beliefs, rites and organizations. Religion very often affects our understanding of the everyday life. The way in which we relate to each other is very often influenced by our religious beliefs.

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Religions are also related to politics, and to economic activities like production, distribution and consumption. Religion can unite human being together, but also sow hatred among them. Religion may produce differing impacts in different places. A: one end of the globe, it serves to justify oppression and unequal distribution of resources.


The same religion, you may find, serves as a reason to resist and struggle against oppression, at the other end of the globe. If religious beliefs are the same, then how do we explain why people react differently in different parts of the world? All religions teach love and universal brotherhood. It is precisely these sets of question, and the like which sociologists study. In a book on Religion, Society and the Individual Yinger wrote that religion is a social phenomenon, because it is “woven into the fabric of social life”. Whether a believer or non-believer, a sociologist is supposed to observe without bias the way in which people experience religion. May be a sociologists curious to understand the different ways in which the rich the poor experience religion.

Reality is not what meets our eyes alone. A sociologist most often tries to unearth the explicit, outwardly visible reality. But behind this lies the invisible trend-the increasing criminal trends of party politics. Further in times of acute crisis, there tends to emerge a strong fervor of religious revivalism. By research, a sociologist might possibly prove that the rich use religion during
crises to exploit the masses or, it may be that the masses recall and revive religion during crises, as a measure of hope. By now, you would have understood that religion is a social phenomenon and hence it is legitimately a field of sociological study.

Sociology of religion attempt to understand the relationship between religion and society. Religion and society have positive as well as negative effects on each other. Apart from this, sociologists also study the relationship between religion and various other social institutors like education, government and economy. They try to study the separate meaning of religion for various groups and levels in a society. This is certainly different from what is of concern to a philosopher of religion and theologizes.


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