What is the Relationship between “Politics” and “Sociology”? – Explained!

There is a deep relationship between Political Science and Sociology. In fact, there is so much interdependence between the two that the study of one essentially demands some knowledge of the other. Modern Political Scientists have used the knowledge of Sociology for developing several approaches, concepts and theories of Politics.

All of us know that the State in its early stages was more of a social than political institution. The political is still embedded in social. The study of State and other political institutions requires knowledge of the social system in which these are at work.

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As such Politics has to take the help of Sociology. Likewise, since political institutions play a deterministic role in the social system, Sociology needs knowledge of Political Science.

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Politics is the science of political relations interactions and processes. Its key focus is the study of struggle for power in every society as well as among all nations of the world.

It involves the study of political system, state, government, political institutions, political behaviour, political relations and interactions, and in fact, every aspect of power relations among the people of each society

Sociology is the science of society i.e. social relations Maclver says Sociology is the study of society and society is a web of social relations. In the words of Garner, “Sociology is the science of men in their associated processes.”


In other words, Sociology is the science of social relations. Social groups, institutions, structures, functions and processes, social change and all aspects of human behaviour in society are integral parts of the scope of Sociology.

Since all types of human relations (political, economic, religious cultural and others) take place in society, Sociology is a general science of all social relations.

However, in particular, it involves the study of all human groups and their social behaviour. Sociology is both a general as well as a particular science. August Comte upholds the view that Sociology is the mother of all social sciences, including Political Science.


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