Short Essay on the Prime Ministerial System of Government

The Parliamentary system of government as practiced in the United Kingdom and other countries functions on the basis of majority party working under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

His position is of pre-eminence and is more powerful than the President in Presidential system. In recent times, there has been increasing use of the term ‘Prime Ministerial’ as synonymous with ‘Parliamentary’ Government. This change has occurred due to continuous widening of the powers of the Prime Minister.

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So important is the stature of the office, that every Parliamentary election is the Prime Ministerial elections. Every party puts its leader as probable Prime Ministerial candidate. He is leader of majority party in the Lower House.

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In his capacity he garners support of his party colleagues on various issues and has his way. The whole system of Government is under his control and he is the real Executive. He is the chairman of the Cabinet which itself is formed on his advice.

Apart from these provisions, the practical politics of the day have increased his discretion. The growing instru­mentality of government and measures like delegated legislation has also enhanced the power of the executive.

There have been instances when the Prime Minister’s office resembled the U.S. President’s executive office.


However, the politics of coalition, federalized political party, effective opposition and mass media have increasingly transferred the aura of PM’s office. He now has to work under a lot of pull and pressure and even resort to accommodation and compromise for survival of the Government.

In England the Prime Minister wields a lot of influence because of the disciplined two party systems which either forms the government or remains in opposition.

On the contrary, Indian polity has been a federal one with a lot of strong regional political parties paving way for era of coalition. And, this trend is likely to survive for some time.


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