Sample essay on The Role of the Opposition Parties in a Democracy

Free sample essay on The Role of the Opposition Parties in a Democracy. Nowadays we see noisy scenes in Parliament and in the Assemblies of the States. This is not a healthy feature of a democracy.

In many other countries there are only two political parties. One party comes to power and the other party is the opposition party. The democratic principle is that the opposition party should not think that the ruling party is its enemy. The opposition party has not come to power just because people have not voted it to power. When it was in power it might have incurred the displeasure of the people by its wrong policies. And so it could not come to power. Another party was voted to power.

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It is not the job of the opposition parties to criticize the ruling party and find fault with it. In the assemblies of many States and even in Parliament, we can see scenes in which one member vehemently accuses another for some lapses of the Government. Some ruling party and opposition members happen to exchange blows and use filthy language. This very bad practice goes against the norms of democracy.

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The opposition parties are as much responsible in carrying out the Government’s policies as the ruling party.

Politicians are servants of the people. Kama raj was a servant of the people, Annadurai was a servant of the people, Kaka, a former minister of the Tamil Nadu Government, was a servant of the people, Gandhiji was the father of our nation, Rajah, who became the Governor-General of India, was a servant of the people, Patel, Jayaprakash Narayana, and many others were servants of the people. That is why they still have a place in our memory. Every politician should sacrifice himself for the country. If every politician is a servant of the people we will have a true democracy, we will have a democracy ‘of the people, by the people and for the people.’ as Abraham Lincoln declared.

If the members of the opposition parties think that they are servants of the people they will not try to stall the progress of a Government. Their aim is to find fault with the ruling party and dislodge it so that they can come to power in the next elections. Rivalry between the ruling party and the opposition parties is a very unhealthy trend. Democracy is passing through bad days. Politics is a dirty game, a game of opportunism; politics is a game in which politicians belonging to one party switch over to another party unpredictably for personal gains. Some of the politicians, who only mind their personal gains, cannot work for the public good.


In these days the ruling party and the opposition parties are inimical like cats and rats. Too many opposition parties in a democracy do not contribute to the sound health of a nation. The two-party system as in other countries like the USA where there are only two political parties, viz. the Republicans and the Democrats, like the U.K. where there are only two political parties, viz. the Tory and the Labor, should come into vogue in India. Then only the political scene will have an orderliness.


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