9 Important difficulties Faced by Qutbuddin Aibak During His Reign

Important Difficulties faces by Qutbuddin Aibak are described below:

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Having ascended the throne of Delhi, Qutbuddin found himself surrounded with many problems. His crown was not a bed of roses and he had to face the following difficulties in order to keep his position intact;


1. As Muhammad Ghori had no son, his ambitious nobles wanted to inherit his empire. In those days sword was the decisive factor and any person of power could acquire the throne, provided he had a will to get it. The Turkish slaves like Jaiuddin, Yaldoz, Nasiruddin Qubacha and Ikhtiyaruddin Khalji were stern opponents of Aibak.

2. Yaldoz, had already Occupied Ghazni and wanted to estab­lish his sway over Ghori’s Indian empire. He did not recognize the claim of Aibak and began to concoct plans to capture Lahore and Delhi.

3. After the death of Muhammad Ghori, Nasiruddin Qubacha became independent ruler of Sindh and Multan. It added a lot to his power and prestige. He also wanted to establish his control over other parts of India, so he was one of the great obstacles in the way of Aibak.

4. Ali Mardan had established his supremacy in Bengal after killing Ikhtiyaruddin Khalji in a conspiracy. He threw away the yoke of Delhi Sultanate and began to rule as an independent ruler; hence it had become essential for Aibak to crush his ambitions.


5. In those days the power of nobles and officials had also increased much. They bad control over administration and army and they wanted to make the king a puppet in order to be able to grind their own axes. Moreover, they were not united. Often their ambi­tions resulted in strife’s among one another. It was, therefore, necessary for Aibak to establish one another. It was, therefore, necessary for Aibak to establish strict control over these nobles and officials.

6. Although Muhammad Ghori and Aibak had endeavored a lot to crush the Rajputs and establish -the Muslim empire in India, still the Raiputs were hoping to establish a Hindu empire in India. They had recaptured many provinces. They had stopped the payment of annual tribute and declared their independence. It shook the position of Aibak in India.

7. Neither Ghori nor Aibak could look to the internal conditions of the country as they remained busy in their expeditions. They actually had no time to look after the work of organization and consolidation of the empire. Just after the accession of Qutbuddin Aibak chaos, disorder and anarchy prevailed in the entire northern India, hence it became essential to establish peace and order in the infant Muslim empire in order to keep the empire safe and secure.

8. The north-west frontier had always been a source of cons­tant invasions throughout the medieval history. Aibak also knew this fact and that is why he was afraid that the Sultan of Khwarizm or Ghazni might attack India through this way. It was, therefore, neces­sary for Aibak to safeguard the north-west frontier of the country.


9. The Shah of Khwarizm was an imperialist. His greedy eyes were fixed on Ghazni and India; so it had become essential for Qutbuddin to safeguard his Indian empire from the politics of Central Asia.


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